Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who is God?

Who is God?

God is our creator- he made everything.
God is our Savior-he died on the cross for all our sins so that we might be saved.
God is our provider- he provides all our needs.
God is our friend- he will never let you down.
God is our healer- he heals our lives.
God is our comfort- he comforts us in times of distress.
God is our refuge- he is our safe place.
God is our Redeemer- through him we are redeemed.
God is the Alpha and Omega- he is our beginning and end.
God is our messenger- he sends us where he wants us.
God is caring- he knows what is happeneing and cares for us.
God is our hope- he will return soon.
God is all-knowing- he knows every hair on our head.
God is love- he is the definition of love sending his son to died for us.
God is eternity- we will spend forever with him.
Your sister in Christ,

1 comment:

Buttercup said...

may I add one?

God is our God - He deserves and reqires our worship and praise.

Great job, btw!

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