About Us

We are a group of 3 girls who felt that God was leading us to minister and encourage our sisters in Christ.  We started iheart about a year and a half ago, and we have high hopes to see this blog evolve into something great for the Lord.  We want iheart to be somewhere you come for inspiration and truth straight from God's Word. Our desire is to see girls strengthened and encouraged in their walk with Christ, and enabled to share their faith with others around them.  You can read more about each of us in the following! (:


Hey there, I'm Jessica!  I am a freshman in high school and the oldest of 4 kids. I have 2 brothers who enjoy endlessly driving me crazy with their boyish antics, and a little sister who makes me laugh and keeps me sane. (: I enjoy playing the piano, photography, hanging out with my best friends, singing in the car with my Mom, and taking goofy pictures with my little sister.  More important than any part of my life is my relationship with my Savior.  He is my amazing God and gives me true purpose in my life.  One of my favorite Bible verses, Psalm 119:32 says, “I run in the path of your commands, for You have set my heart free.”  That verse makes me so thrilled and excited about serving God.  He has saved me and given me life and joy.  I gladly run after His commands because He has set me free from sin!  I pray that not only will you grow and be encouraged by iheart, but that I will also be challenged to live out my faith; to truly sprint on the path of obedience to the Lord. 


Hey girls!  My name is Madison and I'm on fire for God!!  I am homeschooled and a freshman in high school.  I have two younger brothers and have grown up in an amazing family.  I’m a photographer and have recently started my business which I am SOOO excited about!  I play soccer competitively for a club team and am out of town almost every weekend.  My friends are the best friends in the entire world and I love to hang out with them!  I am very close with my mom and we try to have a Bible study and shop on a regular basis :).  I love to spend time with my best friend, Jesus Christ.  He is my everything and I am constantly amazed by His everlasting love.  I live my life completely for Him and try to honor His Word at all times.  I love to reach and connect with other teenage girls! You can reach me at: iheartministry@yahoo.com.  I hope you learned some more about me and I can't wait to hear about you!  


Hey girls, I'm Becky!  I'm a sophomore in high school who enjoys spending time in God’s creation and with family; reading, and photography (that kind of seems to be a theme around here…).  I am so thankful to have great friends to spend time with and oh-so-thankful for my Savior.  He has radically changed my life.  This past year I have grown so much closer to Him.  I enjoy serving him by working with children, encouraging others, and encouraging you!  I pray that you are blessed by our blog and that I can get to know you better. (:

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