Friday, October 9, 2009

"Live each day as your last." You hear that all the time. In songs, movies, all kinds of stuff; but what does it mean to really live your life like today is your last day? I think the reason a lot of people hear this and think its great but don't do anything is because they think of their last day on earth as one where they would talk to everyone they ever knew, do stuff they have always wanted to. What we really need to do is live every day to make an impact. If you died right now would people have anything to remember you by? Maybe you were kind or a good friend, but have you really impacted God's kingdom? Live each day to make the impact for Christ that you would if it was your last day on earth. Each day you will accumulate more and more, and think of the treasures you will have in Heaven! Remember that your life is for Christ. Live it to His glory.

In Him,
Becky :)

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