Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fun things to do with you Dad!

Fun things to do with or for your dad:

1. Go watch a local sports game together! It could be basketball, softball, football, soccer, whatever ya’ll like!

2. Catch a movie together! If there is a good movie out grab some popcorn and go watch it!

3. Bake him cookies. Throw together some of his favorite cookies and present them to him as a surprise! Make sure he doesn’t know about it!

4. Go outside and play football with him. And don’t listen when he says you throw like a girl!

5. Stick an encouraging note in his car so that when he leaves for work in the morning the first thing he’ll see is that!

6. Go on a father/daughter date. Just him and you! Make sure that you go to a fun restaraunt!

7. Grab a girlfriend and her dad and do something fun together!

8. Go play some mini golf! If you have miniature golf parks in your area go play! Don’t worry if you’ve never played before- there is a first time for everything!

9. Go shopping! Hey you may be into more than him, but it’ll be fun for both of you! It’s really interesting to see what men like on girls!

10. Plan a short weekend trip together! Maybe it’s just a tournament or something. Just have fun! I know that when I went with my dad to a racquetball tournament it was a blast!

There are 10 fun things to do with your Daddy!

Have fun!


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