Saturday, February 6, 2010

Proofs against Evolution:

• Lack of fossils in the fossil record.
There are large gaps in the fossil record that go against Evolution.

•There aren’t any species that have changed into other species like Darwinism declares. There have been changes in the same area of species, but never have more species been made.

•It takes two cells to make a cell and without one or the other, a full cell couldn’t be made up. How could a cell form when it needs another cell to form?

•The tiniest bacteria cells are far more complicated than any machine built by mankind. No living thing is simple, and how could such an amazing thing evolve?

• For Evolution to be true at some point a non-living matter must have come alive. Spontaneous Generation claims that chance processes give rise to life, but modern science is proving this wrong.

•Evolution says evolution happens in spurts, in short periods of time. This is false because Darwinian mechanisms claims that natural selection would go at a fast pace, too fast than Darwinism would allow.

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