Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The low down, the what's-what, the dealio.

At lot has been going on here at iheart. We are all in the midst of praying and seeking God's will and His next steps for our ministry.
There will be a new template up shortly, however this will not be the finished product. We are hard at work on a custom template to give the blog a fresh new look and better suit our needs.
Above all, we need YOUR thoughts!

If you have just a few minutes, please shoot us an email (iheartministry@yahoo.com) and answer a few quick questions.

How can we better serve you? How could you get more out of iheart?

What could we do better in terms connecting more with our readers, leaving comments, etc?

What topics would you like us to post about?

Please add any other thoughts! We would love to hear them!

Becky, on behalf of iheartministry

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