Monday, October 4, 2010

Dear God

Dear God,
Obviously, you already know what is in my heart, so you know what is in this letter even before I have written it down. While I don’t often understand your ways, I’m trying. Through my few years of life I have learned much-maybe too much about the evils of this world. Abortion, a cruel heartless murder of innocent babies, is evil and yet happens every day. People in Africa are suffering and don’t even have fresh water to drink. Throughout America, kids are being taught evolution in schools, taking away all your credit and saying there isn’t even a God.

When a girl gets pregnant, usually when she fell into temptation, she doesn’t think twice about aborting her baby. Most people don’t even believe it’s wrong and use the weak argument that they aren’t even for sure if the baby is living. Why do they not stop and realize what they are doing? You know what happens to those babies, they didn’t even get a chance to live for you and make a difference. I know in heaven all will be perfect, but please convict those young mothers who are contemplating aborting their babies. Murder is wrong, and you just can’t kill a baby.

Throughout Africa, there are millions of beautiful people who die because they don’t have fresh water. They are forced to drink out of hand dug wells that are infected and have poisonous water. Sadly, young girls are forced into prostitution and other kids are kidnapped and made into slaves. The amazing thing is- these people are madly in love with you and worship you throughout all of their trials with a happy heart. I want to have this attitude. Learning about these people makes me sad and joyfully happy at the same time.

Evolution is a growing into the only answer to how the earth began. Creationists are called “crazy” and are laughed at for their beliefs. When Charles Darwin first thought up Darwinism he would’ve never guessed that it would become so popular among our culture. Observing this evil up in heaven must be saddening and angering. I can’t imagine. Unfortunately, atheists are rising up to be the norm in our new generation. I know that when that final day comes the people will eventually realize who actually made the heavens and the earth.

These evils that are displayed throughout our large world are saddening and heartbreaking. Sickeningly, infants are killed by heartless doctors and mothers. When millions of Africans die because of the lack of clean water, most people don’t even notice, much less care. Evolution is being taught everywhere, taking away all your credit, which is unthinkable. Please God, restore our nation and our land. I know justice will be served.

Your servant in Christ,


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Jessica said...

I was going to say the same- Amen! Thank you so much for posting this, Madi.

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