Friday, October 15, 2010


Modesty. What a tough issue in our society. It’s so often overlooked. Why is that? Why don’t we care anymore? Although I don’t have an answer, I do have a solution.

1 Timothy 2:9-10
I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for woman who profess to worship God.

This verse not only means dress modestly, but also dress in the fullness of the Lord. Now, don’t understand me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t wear braided hair or pearls, I’m saying we are supposed to dress in a way pleasing to God. We want people to be able to see God through our hearts. He made each of us special in our own way. It's a shame to ruin his workmanship by dressing immodestly.

God really doesn’t care what you wear, as long as it’s pleasing to him. He probably isn’t up in heaven thinking, “Oh my that shirt looks adorable on her today! I wonder where she got it!?” It’s important to look cute and be well dressed, but there is no reason to go overboard.

Why do we deliberately try to show off our bodies in an unpleasing way? There are a number of reasons, but I’ll name a few.

1. Popularity

Sometimes we’re more popular if we dress immodestly. Often girls think that if they dress a certain way they will have more friends and be liked more. Honestly, our number one priority should be to be popular with God!

2. Insecurity

We sometimes feel insecure. It’s happened to me and I bet it’s happened to you. We dress immodestly because we feel that it’s the only way to gain friends and boyfriends. If we dress inappropriately than we feel better about ourselves. However, this good feeling only lasts a short time and we will soon realize our sin.

Have you ever thought about how guys see modesty? I know from experience that they really appreciate modesty. It helps them keep their thoughts pure and have a clean heart before God. Girls, one of the reasons we need to dress modestly is for the sake of guys! I do it to honor my future husband.

Don’t be drawn to dressing like the world because you think you will get more attention from guys. It may be true they notice you more, but I'm positive they aren't thinking pure thoughts when they see you dressed inappropriately. They definitely aren't thinking “That girl is so nice, kind, and sweet!” No! Instead they are drawn to your body. The guys you want around won't be the guys that appreciate you dressing immodestly.

I hope this has helped you in your journey towards seeking Christ!
Your sister in Christ,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! I have been thinking about this topic recently,
so I was excited that you posted on this today!

Buttercup said...

You are so right, Madison! Modesty is such an important subject. And, I can say from experience, that if I am going to be around guys, I purposely dress, well, slightly differently, more immodestly actually - just because I think thats the way to be "accepted". I am ashamed to say so, but it's true. I have noticed though that when I am around my best friends, my youth group, which is both guys and girls, I am actually more "accepted" if I am dressing modestly! And I have noticed that when I dress less modestly, my Christian guy friends seem to ignore me. I can't blame them!

For example, girls usually wear less modest stuff on Sunday mornings - we like to dress up! And that's fine... But, ALL during Sunday School, the guys have their eyes on the floor, and they're silent. I feel so bad for them! That alone should encourage us to dress modestly!

okay, sorry for ranting.

P.S. I put accepted in quotes because I believe that it is a lie that the world uses to make us want to be more like it.

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