Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fantasy or Reality?


Disappointed. When I allow myself to fantasize and dream about something and then it doesn't happen, I'm disappointed. I'm frustrated. I just want to go have a pity party in my room, ignore my family, and be upset.
That is exactly the reason why we can't dream. Us as girls have this wonderfully unique talent of dreaming. And I can't say it's one of our finer talents. (;
As we sit conjure up scenarios in our head about that really cute boy at youth group, all we are doing is setting ourselves up for failure. We set expectations for these people and things we fantasize about and usually they don't measure up to that dream. Most of the time, that boy is not going to come up to you and tell you that your new sweater is really cute. Even though you totally bought it so he would notice!! Am I right?
Contrary to what our so-called heart's desires may tell us, God says that we are to meditate on Him and His Word, not that conversation you had with that cute boy.

Psalm 119:15
I meditate on your precepts
and consider your ways.

Psalm 119:27
Cause me to understand the way of your precepts,
that I may meditate on your wonderful deeds.

Psalm 119:48
I reach out for your commands, which I love,
that I may meditate on your decrees.

If we reach to the Lord for the fulfillment of our desires, we will not be disappointed by Him! God's ways and thoughts are far superior to any of ours. As easy as it is for us to allow our imagination to run wild as we drift away to sleep, we cannot stay pure and devoted to Christ when we do that. Meditate on the glory of our Savior, and let God handle all those other situations in His time.

In His Love,

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Haylie Jo Gregory said...

All I can say to that is... AMEN SISTER!!!! Spot on!

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