Monday, November 8, 2010

He is there through the pain!

"I know Your ways
Know Your plans are higher
I know You’re good
Your love remains
Troubles come
Oh my soul bless my Father
I know Your thoughts towards me
Are peace"

Found Me- Youth America

Hey girls!
In a couple posts back I talked about how in control God is. Well, this post is going to be similar! :) :)

As I mentioned, I've had trouble letting go of a person. Well guess what? God has been greatly using this experience to better me and others. Yes, it's hurt me, but I've been able to help at least 5 other girls feeling the same as me. I've come to realize how big and MIGHTY my God is. For the past four months my heart has been aching and depressed because of this person. But I've hit the turning road and I feel SO MUCH BETTER!:)
I thank and praise God because I am now stronger and am closer to him. At first I didn't handle my situation well- I was mad at God and cried every night. Then one day I realized how stupid I was being! There were millions of people actually in pain and here I was, moping because of a person! Sure, what I was feeling was real and hard, but hey guess what? I'm not called to sit around and cry about what happened, but to praise my Father and search his will! No, things did not get easier after I this realization, but I did completely turn around my attitude. Every time I in any way thought about this certain person, I prayed for him. Soon, my thoughts started coming less and less. As I learned to properly handle my situation, God used me to bless other people and draw closer to him.

So girls, no the road isn't going to be easy. People will come and go in our life and there isn't anything we can do about it but trust God. Everything is in his plan and for his ultimate purpose. On our own we can't push past the pain- that is why we need to draw close to the Lord.

Here is a part of a poem I wrote about my experience:
"My only hope is that God will draw near.
And understand my pain and my fears.
Maybe when all this is done.
I can look to the One.
And sing praises to my King.
Because he took care of everything!"

In my next post I'm going to talk about how God is making us stronger through trials (basically the part 2 of this post!)

Your Sister in Christ,

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