Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The little, annoying, obnoxious things. (Sound like your sister?)

Dear Lord, my mission today is to serve you in everything I do. Please test my faith and put me in situations that will require me to act out my faith and obedience to you. As soon as she stepped out of her room, she was presented with a list of chores from her mother and bombarded with annoyances from her siblings. She meant the prayer she had prayed just minutes before. Couldn't they see she was on a mission? Today was obviously not the day for petty problems; she did not have the patience for them; she was going to do something great for God today.

Before you serve God in big things you must be diligent in the small. I have prayed this prayer many times. The thing is, when we ask God to test us, grow us, stretch us, He will often do it with the little things, such as a boring school project you have to complete, or your pestering little brother. We have to make it through the small before we can take on the big things!

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