Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hi girls! I'm sorry I haven't posted lately. That's my fault :(. I'm home schooled and started school this week; I wanted to share with you something I learned not really from school, but schooling.
I went to small, private Christian schools from preschool to seventh grade, and started homeschooling in the middle of eighth grade (I'm in ninth now.) I thought I had been absorbed in God and not transfixed with the world and what others thought. A good Christian school isn't that different than home-school, right? I was wrong. Towards the end of this summer I began to get restless and was looking forward to starting school again, only to remember I wouldn't be "starting school". The Lord really opened my eyes to how much time I spent with my family and how disconnected our relationships were. Also, I was much to absorbed in what other people were doing or thought of me. For instance, last year, one of my friends told me she was using the same math curriculum as me, except she was a year ahead. I told my mom, "so-and-so is doing this." And she answered, "Great! does she like it?" to which I said, "the point IS... she is the same age as me and she's a year ahead of me!!" What a silly, pitiful thing to get upset over! There were reasons she was taking the class she was and reasons I was taking the class I was, and neither had anything to do with me being behind or anything. That might sound like the dumbest story to you, and it is! I was so involved in what others were doing, even when it didn't matter! I encourage you to really search your heart and ask God to reveal where you are letting the worldly culture influence you. Be bold! Be brave! Be harsh! Do what ever it takes to demolish what is holding you from God. Personally, I am no where near this; but I can say that I am working on it. I'll be praying that you do to!

Your Sister in Christ,
Becky =]

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Buttercup said...

Becky! I am homeschooled, and ninth grade too! How weird! But I have always been homeschooled, so I am not in your position. YOu are so right! We must keep up faith in God!

In Him,

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