Monday, December 14, 2009

♥♥♥ Your True Love ♥♥♥

I think we would all agree that we want to fit in, to not be the weird kid that sits by herself. We want people to like us but we don't want to stoop to the low standards of the "cool" people. I can think of one particularly prominent thing the world qualifies you have to have in order to "fit in." A boyfriend. If you don't have one... then something is wrong with you. If I tell someone I don't have a boyfriend they think I'm crazy. So what does God say about that? As Christian girls striving to live for Jesus, how are we supposed to stand up under all this pressure??? It's really hard, isn't it?

♥ Your first Love
The person you need put above all else, the One who's love you could never deserve, He wants you to love Him back. Jesus has to be your first love. In order to prepare yourself for whoever God wants you to marry, you absolutely have to be in God's Word. No if's and's or but's. I am completely serious when I say that the biggest priority in your life has to be God. Everyday you need to figure out a time that's good for you: evenings, mornings, after lunch, whenever, and read your Bible. Spend time with God.

♥Falling in Love
Okay I know, now your thinking I really am crazy; falling in love with God. That just sounds kind of weird. But it's true. God created us for Him. He made us with the ability to choose and function because He loves you and wants to have fellowship with you. He had this perfect plan for our life, we would walk and talk with Him, just like Adam and Eve did in the garden of Eden. Our sin messed everything up. I can't help but think about how stupid we are to sin. We could have had this amazing life, and we decided to give it all up so we could indulge in sin? Anyways, that's not my point. ;) (lol) my point is that even though we screwed up everything, God still loves us, and we wants us to fall in love with Him. I can come home from summer camp, and be on fire for God! I will be encouraged and really love God. But after awhile I seem to lose that energy. Instead of continuing my close relationship with Jesus, I go right back to where I was before. When I really think about it, I don't know why all of us aren't out there changing the world. Why are we living these normal, pointless lives when so many people are in the world that don't know Jesus! What a waste! When we are truely and deeply in love with Jesus, people will see that in you. When we fall in love with Jesus we will make a difference. Your relationship with Jesus can't be something you put off. He can't be the kind of friend you talk to once a year when you send out your Christmas cards. You can't just lean on Him when the going gets tough. In order to fall in love with God, you have to continue the connection.

♥ Staying in Love
Get an accountability partner! When you are super close to God and doing things for the furthering of His Kingdom, Satan is going to be trying to attack you, to bring you down. Don't let him succeed! Surround yourself with people who are staying on the right track, who want to be as close to Jesus as you do! When Satan comes knocking on your door tempting you to fall away, you let Jesus take care if it. Example: *knock knock knock* Hey Jess, it's me, your buddy Bob. (aka Satan :P) I was wondering, do you think we could do something tonight? *Jessica sits doing her Bible study* Jessica replies: Jesus, there's someone at the door. It's for you!!!! *end of example* Stay on track, keep your focus. You don't need to have a boyfriend in order to fit in. You are already in love! You don't have time to take care of two guys (right now :). Y'all can do it! Fall in love with Jesus today.

Your Sister in Christ,
♫♥ Jessica

Btw, if y'all read that whole thing, I'm very proud of you! It was kind of long. :P


Chloë said...

So true! Our youth group has been studying 1 Corinthians lately, and we just covered the part where Paul is writing about singleness/marriage. This post fits right in with what I've been learning! If you're not 100% devoted to God in your single years, it's going to be MUCH harder to be devoted to Him when you have a boyfriend or are married.

(And yes, I read the whole post!) :)

iHeart said...

Wow Jessie! That was awesome! I've been reading Before You Meet Prince Charming (yeah again) and preparing... b/c we are going to teach these girls some stuff, right?? But anyway, that was what I read yesterday! :) Good job!

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