Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We have so many distractions in life today. I'm sure you've tried to talk to someone who was doing something else- on the computer, watching TV, writing- they give you some attention, but they completely miss what you say.
With everything else vying for our attention (especially electronics) where does God fit in? As always, the Lord is the picture of a perfect friend. Do you really appreciate it when your friends are constantly asking you to spend time with them, when they interrupt you day after day to get your attention? Probably not. However, friends often catch things we miss...aren't you glad when a friend notices you haven't talked in awhile and they let you know you need to get back together? Or what about when you are really busy and don't set aside time to spend with them, but they send you a little gift or note of encouragement? Christ is just like that friend. He sends gifts every single day: Sunrises, flowers, birds chirping, an encouraging verse during your quite time, a kind word from a friend. Also like that good friend, He won't constantly push you. However, if you begin to fall a way from Him, He will let you know, no matter how much it takes. Today ask yourself about the things you are going through. Maybe the beautiful snow is a gift from Him. The struggle going on in your family? Jesus is just begging you to return to Him and find comfort.

Love in Christ,
Becky :)

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Buttercup said...

thanks, Becky. i really needed that right now.


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