Wednesday, April 7, 2010

That's my King!

**Don't skip over this video, it will change your life**

Ever thought about what God's character is like? I mean really, really, thought about it? What is he like? We cannot comprehend the greatness/vastness of he who created us. He is the beginning and the end. He knows you personally as he knows the other billions of people. He cares for each of us. He has had all of our lives planned out before we were even conceived! Try and wrap your mind around that for a minute! He is so great we don't even know how to describe him. he thinks of everything. He is perfect. He will never end. he, out of his mercy, made us. Try and wrap your mind around that! He knew we were undeserving and he created us anyways. We sin everyday, he is sinless. He forgives us, no matter how wrong we have been! He has a unique purpose for ALL OF HIS CHILDREN! We are loved more than we can imagine!!! And if you live your life for him you can spend eternity with him. So tell me, do you know him?
Your sister in Christ,

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