Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thoughts on love

I would like to pose a question: What is love?
Do you truly know what love is?
The Bible actually tells us what the greatest love is.
John 15:13

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.
So, what is love? It's commitment. It's sacrifice. I know those are all "churchy" terms, things you've probably heard over and over again, but do you really put them into practice in your life? Loving someone is not being attracted to them. Loving someone is not being grateful for all they do for you. Love is an action, a verb. I've heard it said that this is not "boyfriend-girlfriend" love...but I think it is. What would a marriage be like if the husband and wife weren't constantly putting the other before themselves? The relationship would fall apart (as marriages often do these days). What is the point of dating? It's to prepare for marriage. Relationships with people of the opposite gender really aren't supposed to be taken casually. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying you should completely shy away from guys (or girls if you are a guy), but you need to guard your heart. I'm pretty sure you can think of a time when you found yourself more attached to someone emotionally than you want to be; I know I can. I want to challenge you today to really consider your future. Think about how the relationships you have today are going to effect the goals and dreams you have. Don't let anything hinder those dreams!

In Christ,

P.S.-I would love to hear your thoughts on dating. Please leave a comment or shoot us an email!
P.P.S-Expect to hear much more on this soon!


lahni said...

I loved your post!And I have some thoughts about thoughts on dating is not to date....I know for myself I am going to keep on living the single life doing all I can for God and when God is ready He will bring my future husband in my life.He will do all the work.Now if I am to meet someone I feel is the "right one" then I would not go directly into a relationship,I would start hanging out with him in groups of people and observe and then after awhile if we are feeling and praying that God has us in mind for eachother....that's when I would start a I basically believe in courting.
Hope this helped.
Lahni Blair

Chloƫ said...

Thanks for sharing your insights about love! Now about "dating..."
In my oppinion, it doesn't matter what you call it (dating, courtship, etc.), but beginning a relationship before you're ready to be married is not the best way to keep yourself pure for a future mate God might have in store for you. What is the purpose of dating before you're ready to be married? Self-gratification? To have more confidence? To feel accepted? Whatever the reasons, I don't feel like "dating" until I feel like I'm ready to be married would be in God's best plan for me. If you begin a relationship too early, it can distract you from things that are really important. I desire to spend my single years making my Savior the love of my life!

I'm looking forward to that post on this topic!!!

In Him,

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