Monday, August 2, 2010

Fragrance of Christ


Every path He guides us on
Is fragrant with His
Loving kindness and truth.
Psalm 25:10 TLB

Think of God directing you down a path. A path that is completely different from the path anyone else is traveling. But on this path you can practically smell Christ; His Word, His grace, His love. You can inhale and tell that you truly are following the Way.

Most of us are going to make some pretty life altering decisions on this earth, and many times, the direction and path God wants us to take is not perfectly clear to us. As I really thought over this verse, I came to the realization that whatever path God is calling me to take, I will know without a shadow of a doubt that it is His will. I will have completely peace and assurance from Him that it is the right direction. You may be thinking, "but how will you really know?"

Because I will be able to look down that path and see Him in every aspect and every detail. I will see His orchestration and smell His fragrance. And if I'm not completely sure that it is His will, then it's not. Because the path He will lead any of us on will not be a direction that is contrary to Him. It will be filled with the beauty and fragrance of our Lord and Savior.

But there is another piece of the puzzle we have to add in. You can't coast along in life straying from God and expect to be able to figure out what His will for you is. In order to be able to distinguish the fragrance of Christ, you have to know what it smells like! You have to plug yourself into God's Word and meditate on it so that you will be able to recognize how Christ smells. That is the key to figuring out the path that God wants you to take. You familiarize yourself with God's Word and His fragrance, direction and will for you will become clear to you. He will never lead you somewhere that is adverse to Himself and His Word. :)

In His Love,

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Becky said...

Great post Jess! Thanks :)

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