Saturday, August 21, 2010


Hey Girls!

Once again, I apologize for not posting more often this summer. Now that school has started I am back on my regular posting schedule. I am so excited for this upcoming year!! I cannot wait to see all God has stored up for iheart!

Speaking of this upcoming year, most of us have either started school or are about to start. I personally, am dreading starting this upcoming Monday. However, I know that it's part of life and summer will be here soon enough next year!

This school year is going to be filled with new things, new friends, new places. You never know what God has up His sleeve. My prayer for this upcoming school year is this:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please help this school year be dedicated to you. Help me to honor you in all I say and do. Give my mom wisdom as she teaches me and my brothers. Give me endurance to get good grades and always push forward. Let me work being glory to your name. Help me to be a disciple outside of my schoolwork and into my other activities. Let this be a year of your work and your glory in my life and all the lives I touch through you.

Your servant,


I shared my school year prayer with all of y'all so you can write your own prayer and dedicate this school year to God. He is the one who gave us all our knowledge and talent. He is so worthy. This upcoming Monday(or whenever you start school), I challenge you to be excited about your school year and go into it with a cheerful attitude.
Your sister in Christ,

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