Saturday, February 5, 2011


"The 'Go ye' part of the call had been crystal clear. Autumn of 1892 seemed to be the right time. She would sail then. But where? That was the vague part. Africa? China? She had often thought of both. Perhaps it was the solidity of her confidence in the Great Shepherd that prevented her worrying much over the geography. He would get her where she belonged, wouldn't He?..."
--A Chance to Die, the Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael
by Elisabeth Elliot

The Father has put a call on each of our lives. He has said "Go ye". The when, where, even who and what do not matter. God has such a perfect plan and He wants to include you, right where He knows you will fit. Amy Carmichael chose to obey Him before she knew all the logistics of what He was asking. She laid down her life for the Lord, in the same way we are called to do today.

Will you go?

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