Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my life travels

The year was 2001. I was six years old. Having been in church all my life, I dutifully did what I was taught everyone needed to do. I "accepted Jesus". When I kneeled by my bed that night with my parents, I truly meant what I said. I knew I had sinned, I knew that I needed to be saved from that sin. I was saved with my head; but over the years, through His graciousness, the Lord has connected that head knowledge with heart knowledge. As I grew up, I was blessed with amazing mentors in my life whom I could look up to. As I watched them and saw the passion that they had for the Lord, I knew something was missing from my life. I thought of Jesus as a buddy, a pal, but I didn't love Him. I read my Bible just because. It was not something I disliked to do, but it surely didn't excite me. Thankfully, the Father did not stop with examples for me. He also showed me how I could grow to love Him and how I could have that passion that I saw in my role models. I began growing closer and closer to my Savior, but I occasionally doubted that I was really saved. He showed me through Romans 10:13 that if I called on Him, He would save me! He opened my eyes to see the evil of my sin and selfishness, and that He alone could restore me. Today I am still growing in intimacy with my Savior. He has truly become my best friend and I love Him so much. When I think over my testimony, His grace is what stands out to me. If it weren't for His unfailing love and mercy, I would be missing my relationship with Him, the best thing that every happened to me. I am thankful especially for role models and mentors that He put in my life that showed me how to live set-apart for my Savior. I have a passion to tell other girls about the great love that my Father holds. I know so many Christians that miss out on what they could be experiencing by truly giving up their lives for the Lord. I have not arrived yet, and I never will, but my King continues to sanctify me and helps me to see life through His eyes. If you have any questions about your relationship with Christ, please find someone you trust to talk to. If you don't know of anyone, email me! I would love to pray with you and share with you how the Lord is working in my life and how He could work in yours too.

Through Him,

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Julie Shirley said...

Great job, girlie! I feel like I learn so much about you girls when I read or hear your testimonies. Love it!

Ms. Julie

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