Friday, March 25, 2011

When Your Best Friend Decides To Date (Part One)

Yes, this is a pretty specific topic. It generally happens to all of us and I decided that even if all of us haven't dealt with this yet, we probably will.

When your best friend "falls in love" and meets this dude that she has decided to date, us sidekicks can have a mixture of feelings. It depends on our opinion of the situation. However, usually the feelings aren't good. We can feel hurt, confused, angry, and multiple other things. Honestly, we realise that we are definitely not going to be first anymore and always going to be second best.

Sometimes we find out the hard way that our best friend wasn't who she said she'd be. Maybe she said she wouldn't date and was "waiting for the right one"....but that didn't happen. It hurts, I know.

What can we do? First, as her best friend we can pray. I seriously think this is very important. If she isn't making wise decisions and is going through a hard time, prayer helps so much. Second, she needs someone to always be there for her. Even if you aren't her first choice anymore, she still needs you...your her girl she can come to. Third, if she isn't making wise choices, you can talk to her. This doesn't mean you have to be rude and all in her face, but it does mean that you tell her the truth in love.

The road isn't going to be easy for either of you. In fact, it will probably cause tension between ya'll. However, it's going to make you stronger and in the end you can say you went through a tough time together.
Pray for her, encourage her, and be there for her.

Part two coming Monday...check back! :)

Your sister in Christ,

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