Friday, April 15, 2011


I'm not a very good poet, but I thought I'd share this poem I wrote with you because I feel it really shows how much we grow through life. Growing up isn't easy, but with God on our side we have everything we need. For every trial we go through, we are just growing! (:
I hope you like it:

When I turn back the pages.
and look through the ages.
I realize how much I've changed.
and want to go back to the old same.
There was never a care in the world.
Not one reason to shed a tear.
and I had no fears.
I was so full of life.
Big dreams filled my sight.
I knew God was in complete control.
and I leaned upon him, whole.
Never did it cross my mind.
that one day the world wouldn't be so kind.
I didn't know how my heart could break.
from all the hurt, death,and ache.
Growing up isn't fun.
and I've only just begun.
But I know it's worth it.
because of my purpose.
To love and honor my King.
and give him my everything.
I know it won't be easy.
all the growing, thinking, pleasing.
But I have a friend.
who's care will never end.
He will show me through.
and at the end I'll be able to tell you.
That God knows.
How much I've grown.
and He will continue to keep showing.
How this life is full of...growing.

Your sister in Christ,

1 comment:

~Amy Thomson~ said...

Hi Madison :)

Thank you SO much for sharing the poem with us! It really touched my heart. I've been going through some tough times lately but I believe God will carry me through :)

God bless!

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