Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book Review: Peace Child


Imagine encountering a people group who has never heard of running water, let alone the name of Jesus. People who live by their own law; with no sense of morality, who betray, kill, and eat their own friends.

That is exactly what Peace Child is about. It is a true story from the 1960's that gives an account of the time missionaries Don and Carol Richardson spent among the Sawi people.
As I read this book, I was stunned by the havoc that Satan can wreak and how truly evil mankind really is. Without Christ, we really are depraved and sinful people. What is most amazing about this story is how God took the awful situation and lifestyle of this people group and completely changed their lives.

Even today, 2,000 years after Jesus came, there are people who have never heard of Christ. While we live in oblivion, people across the world are dying and going to hell without Jesus. Peace Child is a compelling read that reveals to us the desperate need for Christ on this earth.

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