Thursday, August 4, 2011

His name is JESUS

Who created this world so complex and perfect?
Who believes each human being is completely worth it?
Who knows every hair on my head?
Who knows when I'm awake and when I'm in bed?
Who cares about every last sheep?
Who has my heart to always keep?
Who holds the power of life and death in his hands?
Who can calm a storm with his powerful commands?
Who can heal the sick and the broken?
Who gives us his love as a free token?
Who never leaves my side?
Who is always there for me to confide?
Who knows my every thought and hears my every prayer?
Who lets me know that he will always be there?
Who makes the oceans tremble at the sound of his name?
Who yesterday, today, and forever will always be the same?
Who deserves all honor, praise, and glory?
Who has written my life story?
Who is my refuge and rock?
Who is holding my hand throughout my walk?
Who is my example of how to live?
Who found it in his heart to forgive?
Who took the world's sin upon his back?
Who undeserving felt every beating from the Roman's attack?
Who defeated death and rose from the dead?
Who proclaims truth in every word he's ever said?
Who holds all power in his control?
Who has complete devotion from my soul?
There is only ONE man who fits this claim.
Only ONE who deserves the whole world to praise his name.
Oh praise the ONE who freed us!
His name is...JESUS!
Your sister in Christ,

1 comment:

Jules(: said...

Beautiful poem<3 You so accurately explained our reason of living, Jesus Christ. He loves all of us so much, it blows me away!

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