Wednesday, October 28, 2009


What has God placed on your heart? What do you think is important that others might not agree with?
I believe that the closer you grow to God, the more He might place on your heart and asks you to do. God gives us all convictions that He might not give others. Does that mean that people with more "convictions" are more godly? No, of course not! The Lord just might have called them to something else. It saddens me when Christians make fun of things that other Christians do differently than them. What they do might be different, but does that give anyone a right to look down on them for it?
--Acts 2:44
All the believers were together and had everything in common.

Do you think the believers really had everything in common? They probably didn't like the same kinds of foods, or dress the same, or wear their hair the same, but they put those differences aside for the sake of Christ. Our bond with other Christians should be so strong because we believe the same things about our Lord and eternal life. Be willing to overlook differences in people and focus on one thing- their heart.

In Christ,
Becky :)


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