Thursday, April 29, 2010

Answering the Call


Lately I have been thinking more about what God is wanting me to do with my life. Is He asking me to do something more? Am I neglecting to act upon His will?
The very basics of being a believer in Christ is reading your Bible. That is our spiritual nourishment that sustains us throughout our life. But quite honestly, that is just a very small part of living a life that radiates Christ. A lot of us could say that we read our Bibles, but the real test of our faith is if we are putting what we are reading into practice. Every minute we spend with God in His Word should make a difference in our lives, and we should come away from that quiet time with a small piece of your heart changed to be more like Christ. Many of us have grown up in church. We know all the basics of God's Word, and now we need to move onto some spiritual meat, instead of just feeding off spiritual milk. (1 Corinthians 3:1-3)
So many of us want to continue taking baby steps in our walk with Christ. We get so acquainted with being in our comfort zones that we ignore God when He asks us to take a leap of faith. I have definitely been convicted lately to start making a better effort to witness to the lost around me. That's a big step for me to take. My prideful fleshly desires want to be comfortable and normal, but that is not what the Holy Spirit desires for my life.
James 2:26 tells us in a very clear and matter of fact way that "faith without deeds is useless."
I don't want my faith to be normal and useless. But if I don't start taking action, then that is what it will be. Will you join my in my conquest to live life on the edge, always ready to do whatever God asks? If God asks you to take a leap of faith, how will you respond?

You Sister in Christ,

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Anonymous said...

Love the pic! (Good post too) =]

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