Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's Your Shape: Personality (Part Four)


Personalities. We all have them, and they are all unique to each of us; no two people are alike. Isn't that amazing? You will never be completely like any other person on this planet, no matter how hard you try. I would say we would have to have a pretty spectacular, mind-blowing Creator, wouldn't you agree? As individuals with special personalities, we each have special purposes on this earth. No one can do what God wants YOU to do, because you are the only person like you to do it. There will never be another you; nobody can help you or pick up the slack you leave behind by not following God's will. If you don't tune yourself into God's Word and listen to His guidance, you won't fulfill the amazing plan God has for your life. With your unique personality, no one else can fulfill that plan quite like you can.

1 Corinthians 12:6 (Ph, New Testament in Modern English)
God works through different people in different ways, but it is the same God who achieves His purpose through them all.

We are all different. Just because you are not just like that girl who is sooo perfect over there, doesn't mean God can't use you. Sometimes it's easy for us to think, "Oh, well I'm nothing like them, so I'm sure God can't use me." Yes, He can! Don't ever limit God like that! Don't compare yourself or try to be exactly like that other person, because you will just end up failing. You will never be that person, because you are YOU and you have a completely different personality. However, at the same time, we can learn from people who are more mature in their walk with Christ. We just have to keep in mind that we can never be them, and they are not perfect. As you allow God to work in your life and do what He wants you to do, you will be fruitful and you will enjoy working for the Lord. When you cultivate your personality into your purpose and ministry, you will be most productive and kingdom advancing. And that is what we are here for: to love God, and to love people.

In His Love,


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